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Trade Show Exhibit Design

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Exhibiting at a tradeshow is a significant investment. So how do you ensure that your money is well spent? Innovative trade show exhibit design is one of the best ways you can capture the attention of your hot prospects and outshine your competitors. In today’s “on the move” world, first impressions matter more than ever.

Before you pull out the same booth and collateral you’ve been using forever, take some time to research what other companies are doing. Over the recent years trade show exhibit designs have taken creativity to a whole new level.

Creativity covers every aspect imaginable ranging from colors to lighting to branding. In addition to gathering competitive intelligence, online trade magazines like Exhibitor Online and Folio have trade show exhibit design showcases where you can find inspiration.

7 Trade Show Exhibit Design Tips

1. Captivate the attendees. When people come to a trade show, they want to see the newest, best and most innovative products and/or services, as well as the companies behind them. Wherever and whenever possible, do something to demonstrate your value. Pick one thing you want to focus on and build your trade show exhibit design around that. Keep focused on how you can demonstrate the benefit of working with you.

2. Technology.  It’s essential to stay on top of technology trends because it allows you to have a trade show exhibit design that meets people where they are. Using different types of technology, such as lighting or animation, will bring your product and/or service to the forefront.

Different lighting techniques are being used in some very creative ways due to the new LED lighting. With your team, decide on the technology that will have the biggest impact in demonstrating what you can do for your clients.

3. Modern.  Keep it modern and updated. Nothing says, old, tired, “same-old-same-old” like an outdated trade show booth design. If you haven’t updated the graphics in two years, it’s time.

4. Color.  Color is probably the first thing that will tattle on you if your trade show booth design is outdated. Keep up to date with the color trends. There is a huge difference between the moods and messages of pastels, metallic, primary, or bold.

5. Sound and interactive design.  Sound is a relatively new trend that will continue to evolve over the next year. Whether it’s music, video, or some other type of sound, it will more than likely make people stop and pay attention. In addition, trade show exhibits which feature interactive design will also make a huge impression. A perfect example is an interactive kiosk that people can use while visiting your exhibit. Not for everyone, but an excellent way to engage and demonstrate your value.

6. Attract attention.  Attracting attention can be done in many ways but attracting the “right attention” requires expertise, thought, a game plan and time. When we had the opportunity to work with Houston’s St. Arnold’s Brewery, we strategically matched “getting attention” with the brand and goals of the company by creating a Gothic Wedding Chapel.

The tie-in was a perfect match for the brand and the audience. For more about this, please .  If you don’t take the time to plan the “getting attention” part of your trade show exhibit design, you’ll end up seeing a lot of people, wasting a lot of time, and probably wasting a bunch of money. Be strategic.

7. Social media.  See if there is anyway to add social media to your trade show exhibit design experience. Maybe you can create a Twitter Space and have chairs and plugs and lattes so that attendees can swing by and share a tweet or two. Post photos throughout the day from the show floor. With your team, decide where social media fits into your strategy and how it can help you demonstrate your value.

Trade shows are a real investment in time and money. If you’re going to make that investment, be strategic and always keep your main goal in mind — demonstrating value to all those you’ll meet.  If you need help with your strategy, call us today in Houston at 800-217-9479. We’ve been helping brand mangers and marketing executives create value since 1997.

We offer a full range of strategically focused trade show exhibit designs, event management, and design-build. We also have rental and traditional booth solutions. Everything we do is combined with our process-driven integrated marketing approach to maximize your investment.

To find out more about a trade show exhibit design for your business, contact Excalibur Exhibits in Houston, via email, explore our website: or call us at 800-217-9479