Trade Show Booth Design

Trade Show Booth Design

Excalibur Exhibits
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Peggy Swords, President

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Offers customized trade show booths.
Services include exhibit management.
Exhibit transportation services available.
Award-winning design firm.

Who can do my trade show booth design?

If you are looking for someone to take care of every aspect of your trade show booth design, Excalibur Exhibits would be happy to help. We offer a wide range of exhibit design services including taking your ideas and turning them into the booth of your dreams, transporting the finished piece to your event location, and helping you take down the booth after the festivities are over. We even offer the option of renting or purchasing your booth to help you meet your overall budget and needs.

For more information or to get started with Excalibur Exhibits, please contact our design team today.

How has the best reviews on trade show booth design?

While there are many different review sites boasting the best companies for trade show rentals, it is incredibly vital that you make an informed decision on your own prior to signing any sort of design contract. Review each firm's past projects, paying extra attention to the finish product's detail, and compare it to your own needs. It is also quite acceptable to ask for a list of references to contact prior to signing a design contract.

At Excalibur Exhibits, we want you to be completed satisfied with the finished trade show booth project. Our friendly and knowledgeable design team will help walk you through the entire process, starting with a brainstorming session and ending with your completed exhibit. In addition, we can also help you transport, store, setup, manage, and/or take down your booth. If you have a design from a previous show that you would like updated and/or refurbished, we can also help with this process.

Are you ready to create your perfect trade show exhibit? Please contact our team today to discuss how to get the process started.

Who offers award-winning trade show booth design exhibits?

While there are several award-winning exhibit firms in the Houston area, Excalibur Exhibits is proud to be one of the few to receive two AMA Crystal Awards for our work on the Texas Vietnam Heroes exhibit. In addition, we have also been listed as one of Inc's 5000 fastest growing firms for four years in a row.

Our services have enabled those in a wide range of industries stand out at some of the biggest trade shows in the country. Client specialties and/or fields have included healthcare, technology, oil and natural gas, media marketing, and many others. We have also assisted with several portable displays for traveling museum exhibits than can be seen by visitors from around the country.

For more information on how our knowledgeable team can help you make your perfect trade show booth design a reality, please give us a call today.