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Rental Exhibit in Houston

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Rent Your Worries Away

Custom Rental Exhibits Are Gaining Popularity

In a recent survey by Exhibitor Media group, 50% of the 100 marketing professionals surveyed said they have rented an exhibit recently. In 2011, only 28% of those surveyed had ever rented. Why the uptick? Renters like the fact that you can customize a rental exhibit, that they are portable and of course, they can be an affordable option.

Getting a rental exhibit for your next marketing event in Houston does not mean you need to be generic or boring.  At Excalibur Exhibits we’ll customize your rental, much like we would if you were buying it from us.  We know how important a unique, attention-grabbing presentation is for your exhibit success.

The Benefits of Renting an Excalibur Exhibit in Houston or Around The World:

  • Worry-Free — You don’t have to worry that it will be out of date next year. You don’t have to worry about storing it. You don’t have to worry about loss or damage during transportation or even during use for that matter.
  • Test the Goods Before You Buy — Not sure how many shows you’ll be doing or how beneficial they’ll be? You can select a few shows in Houston, or elsewhere, that fit your organizational goals, then customize a rental booth just to test the waters.
  • Gumby-Effect — Rentals allow for the ultimate flexibility in exhibiting in Houston or around the world. This is especially comforting when Show A has a completely different focus and audience than Show B, but both are good events for you. You can customize for each show then walk away from it at the end.
  • Money — There’s no large “capital expense” because you are renting, not buying. This could be a strategic move on the part of your finance department and will certainly save administrative and processing time. Additionally, there are no storage fees because once the show is over, you walk away. Excalibur will package it all up and bring it back to our facility, not yours. Rental exhibits, even those that are customized, tend to cost much less than a permanent exhibit property.
  • Additional Service — When you rent your booth in Houston or around the world, Excalibur will handle all the details. You just need to show up and dazzle them with your brilliance and your products and services. (Note: Excalibur will do this whether you rent or buy your booth. We have full project management services available.)
  • Repeatable Advantages — You can use your customized exhibit booth again and again. The cost for subsequent uses is much less since the customized part has already been paid for with the first use. Graphics are typically 30 to 50% of the custom cost so repeating the same rental booth is a real cost saver.

We assure a custom rental exhibit from Excalibur Exhibit will draw attention to your product or services, and help make your next Houston trade show appearance successful.  Whether you’re a regular attendee who wants a new booth for each event, or are new to expos and want a simple solution for having a quality booth, renting is a great way to balance your needs.

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To find out about our rental exhibit in Houston options, contact Excalibur Exhibits of Houston Texas, explore our website: or call us at 800-217-9479.