Custom Exhibits

Custom Exhibits

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Peggy Swords, President

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Offers designs for trade shows.
Can help firms look professional.
Rents and sells exhibits.
Assists with setup and cleanup.

Where can I buy or rent custom exhibits for trade shows?

When it comes to trade shows, having custom exhibits that showcase your brand or business can be an incredibly vital way to get noticed. Excalibur Exhibits offers a wide range of portable, modular, tabletop, and multimedia trade show exhibit designs for rent and/or purchase. Our exceptionally skilled and highly knowledgeable team can help you create the exhibit design you've been dreaming of. Best of all, we can help you transport, setup, and store your design after it has been created.

We have worked with companies in a wide range of industries, including those attending the large OTC for the oil and natural gas industries. For more information on custom rental exhibits, please call us today!

How to choose the best custom exhibits for my trade show?

Choosing the right exhibit design for your next trade show does not have to be a tedious task. In fact, it can even be quite fun! However, it is important to work with a design firm that offers the highest quality product and has an extensive portfolio. Ask for referrals or to see photos of previous designs to ensure you are working with a quality provider. Most reputable companies will be more than happy to show off their work, both in the past and regarding anything they have in production currently.

While there are several exhibit designers in Houston, Excalibur Exhibits is proud to be one of the few award-winning designers in the area. We offer modular exhibits, portable exhibits, tabletop displays, multimedia designs, and much more. Working with our team is quite easy, as we can help you go from concept to finished project with very little effort.

Give us a call today to get your custom trade show booth or trade show display started!

Can custom exhibits help reinforce my brand?

Custom exhibits are an excellent way to reinforce your brand and company image at your next trade show. By having a custom design created by a professional, it is easy to ensure the display matches other marketing materials you may have. This includes special logos, brochures, print marketing material, interactive designs, and any other sales aide your company currently utilizes. Having an exhibit that matches the rest of your materials makes it easier for customers, clients, and competitors to recognize and remember your company, both at the trade show and in the future.

Excalibur Exhibits can help you create the perfect exhibit to rent or purchase that reinforces your brand image. Our team is comprised of some of the best designers in the trade show exhibit industry, giving you the peace of mind that your finished design will be an accurate and dazzling reflection of your firm.

To get your trade show booth project started, give our sales and design teams a call today.