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Custom Displays.
Award-winning display design team.
Transportation and storage services available.
Trade show exhibit management available.
Excalibur Exhibits Provides Custom Displays that Tell Your Story 

When it comes to turning a trade show profit, your marketing strategy, design, and execution can mean the difference between merely being present and making your presence known within your industry.

Numerous calculated risks are involved with your participation in large-scale conferences such as travel, marketing materials, time, and the cost of your exhibit. Failing to stand out in the crowd exponentially increases your company’s chances of stomaching a loss from their participation, as opposed to reaping the benefits of solid expansion and development stemming from the formation of new, strategic business partnerships. Excalibur Exhibits takes this risk and transforms it into opportunity, by showcasing your story with a state-of-the-art custom display and helping your company market its full potential from start to finish.

In just over a decade, Peggy Swords moved Excalibur Exhibits from a small design company to an award-winning marketing and full-service trade show firm, serving Fortune 500 companies and multinational industries around the world.

While actively analyzing trends and marketing strategies throughout the trade show industry, Excalibur is dedicated to the innovation of some of the largest and most unique custom displays which result in profit expansion and solid leveraging opportunities for your company following any trade show.

Ensuring up-to-date trend analysis, creative design formation, innovative marketing strategies, and state-of-the-art exhibits that showcase your company’s unique attributes to prospective clients and partners is key.

With rapid technological advances, social networking, and growing industry demands, it’s essential to record and analyze marketing and design trends within your industry to better understand what elements will captivate your clients. The future of custom displays and streamlined business tactics is in the art of sleek and minimalistic design.

If we've learned anything from the recent past, it's that one must capitalize on the subtle (yet strategic) use of design tactics and integration of elements to embrace and enhance the prospective client’s exhibit experience. Straight-line architecture that encompasses calming colors and the occasional use of light woods is becoming popular among tradeshow attendees, and companies are starting to incorporate these nuances throughout their custom displays.

The rise of minimalistic design and maximum space usage, as opposed to previously favored large shapes and bright colors, can be attributed to the subconscious suggestion that your company is straightforward, honest, and to the point.

Because of rapidly growing technological dependence, it can sometimes be difficult to remember that a large generation gap is represented throughout tradeshows and conferences. Where the young businessperson becomes engaged in an interactive booth employing the use of tablets or display screens, the older, more seasoned professional tends to appreciate old-school tactics, paper brochures, and mail-out marketing campaigns.

Depending on the prospective client, a simple pamphlet can be just as powerful as your use of social media and networking. So, while the use of technology can indeed reduce your printed materials cost and further your technologically savvy image, it’s important to keep your marketing strategy from becoming too narrow.

Another hot, rising trend in custom displays and exhibits are larger lounging areas, complete with comfortable seating and complementary power strips for your clients to charge their phones, laptops, iPads, and other mobile devices.

Large, designated areas to spread out and discuss future business relationships, such as mock conference rooms, are also an essential element to consider when designing a floor plan around your allotted space. Drawing the client in with a comfortable, inviting booth is step number one to getting them to take the next step with you.

Dedicated to trend analysis and design formulation, every booth that Excalibur creates is unique and strategic in nature, taking your marketing efforts to the next level. When creating a custom display for your next trade show, it’s essential to not only invite clients in but simultaneously… let your display tell your story.

To find out more about a custom display for your business, contact Excalibur Exhibits via email, explore our website: or call us at 800-217-9479