5 Things Trade Show Booth Marketers Need to Know About Google’s Mobile Changes

MobileFears of Google’s recent search algorithm changes to favor mobile-friendly sites have been so widespread that the term “Mobilegeddon” was coined. If you’re late to the game and haven’t heard about the changes, Google’s search engine on mobile devices will give preference to mobile-ready websites over non-mobile-ready websites. But before you jump on the panic wagon, here are the five most important things every trade show marketer should know about the changes.

1. It’s Not A Huge Surprise

Every trade show booth marketer knows that mobile usage is on the rise, especially when it comes to attracting and interacting with attendees on the trade show floor. And in early 2014, Internet usage on mobile devices exceeded PC usage for the first time. Given the huge shift to information on the go, it’s no surprise Google is making the move in favor of mobile-friendly sites.

2. But You Still Need To Act

While many of you may have seen this coming, that doesn’t mean you took action. The easiest way to start is by evaluating how mobile-friendly your site is. Put yourself in the shoes of a trade show attendee. If they are at your booth and need to find information on the fly, how quickly and easily can they find it on your site? For example, are your fonts easily readable on a mobile device? Are links spaced far enough apart so that a user can select the right one? Does your site automatically size content to mobile device screens so that visitors do not have to horizontally scroll or zoom? You won’t know unless you test it yourself.

3. Let Google Be The Judge

While there are some criteria that you can evaluate on your own, Google is the ultimate judge as to what is mobile friendly. Fortunately, the Internet giant has made it easy for you by creating a mobile-friendly testing tool that you can use to see how your site performs. Google also has a Mobile Guide available with information to help you avoid common mobile website mistakes.

4. Mobile Apps Are the Icing On The Cake

Does your company have a mobile app? If not, now is a great time to get started on one. With Google’s latest changes, when a user searches for something, results will appear even for apps that they haven’t download. This can be great for discoverability as content within your app can now impact your search engine optimization efforts. Don’t forget, apps offer more benefits including push messaging and other interactive features that can positively impact your marketing strategy at your next trade show event.

5. It’s All About Adaptability

This isn’t the first time Google has changed the rules and it certainly won’t be the last. Trade show marketers who are able to adapt and adjust as things change will come out ahead. Don’t forget, the ultimate goal is to create the best possible experience for your trade show attendees. Putting the information they need at their fingertips, wherever they are, will go a long way in that endeavor.

Mobile devices are only going to increase in necessity on the trade show exhibit floor, so being mobile-friendly should be part of your overall trade show strategy.

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